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I have tried several methods over the last few years to tone up my upper and inner thighs and posterior. It was not until I spoke to Betty Harris at La Bella Spa and began their CelluSleek program that I immediately saw results. The personal service and attention Betty and her staff provide is unequivocal, compared to other methods I have tried. The program has been so effective for me that I receive unsolicited comments about the improvement in the tone and firmness of my thighs from my husband and friends. I have been unexpectedly pleased with the treatments and maintenance program. Betty and her staff have been wonderful during the treatments and have been flexible in accommodating my schedule. I unhesitatingly recommend La Bella to anyone looking for an excellent spa and treatment center.

- Cathy S.

I’m a middle-aged overweight woman with a muscle condition called fibromyalgia. Exercise is hard for me and can be very painful due to the fibro. When I first saw the CelluSleek machine, I thought, “How could this possibly help me?” After all, I had been losing weight for quite some time, but had reached a complete plateau. And I still had a long way to go.

Then I had my first CelluSleek treatment. I was AMAZED! I lost 5 lbs! But that was just the beginning. With continued treatments, I am losing and losing. And the biggest surprise was the added benefit of CelluSleek’s deep tissue massage – my fibromyalgia pain has decreased tremendously! Not only do I look better, I feel better!

It’s hard to imagine that I actually used to have to pay for 2 plane tickets anytime I flew somewhere. Three weeks ago....I only had to purchase one! This has been a life changing experience for me. I would recommend the CelluSleek to everyone.

- Marian B.

I believe that I have tried every cellulite and skin tightening program available. After 7 CelluSleek treatments I went from a size 8 to a size 6 and my skin was firmer than it has been since I had my 5 year old! This IS, by far the best treatment available.

- Deidre D., Director of Human Resources

I had a baby on my 44th birthday in October, 2009 and had Vaser Lipo about 6 weeks post partum which left me with major lumps in my stomach. It was awful. I was in La Bella for another treatment and Betty told me about her new CelluSleek machine. After ONE treatment I could tell a major difference. After 10 treatments I have NO lumps in my stomach at all. You cannot even tell I had a baby. It is AMAZING and it works-I am living proof!

- Kimberley R.